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Tudor Blinds

Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

Nico Replacement Vertical Blinds - prices from £1.25

In stock and available in two colourways, good quality self patterned vertical blind

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  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Nico Petal
    Next day delivery available Nico Petal

Replacement Vertical Slats - Splash - prices from £1.25

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  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Splash Arcadia
    Splash Arcadia
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Splash Bossa
    Splash Bossa
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Splash Devine
    Splash Devine
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Splash Flamingo
    Splash Flamingo
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Splash Hint
    Splash Hint
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Splash Kiss
    Splash Kiss
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Splash Lipstick
    Splash Lipstick
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Splash Orchid
    Splash Orchid
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Splash Sorbet
    Splash Sorbet

Vertical Replacement Slats - Unilux - prices from £1.25

Plain pvc blackout vertical blind, completely waterproof and wipe-able, great for bathroom and kitchens or anyroom where damp is prevelant.

  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Unilux Flamingo
    Unilux Flamingo

Vitra Replacement Slats(blackout) - prices from £1.25

Blackout vertical blind with a self coloured backing, provides 100% Uv protection against strong sunlight.

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  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Vitra Bambino
    Vitra Bambino
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Vitra Kitty
    Vitra Kitty
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Vitra Shock
    Vitra Shock

Bella Range(Blackout 89mm) - prices from £1.60

Blackout replacement vertical blind slats in a pallete of colours to suit all tastes, only available in 89mm slat width.

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  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Bella Arcadia
    Bella Arcadia
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Bella Bossa
    Bella Bossa
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Bella Flamingo
    Bella Flamingo
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Bella Hint
    Bella Hint
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Bella Kiss
    Bella Kiss
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Bella Lipstick
    Bella Lipstick
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Bella Orchid
    Bella Orchid

Bexley Replacement Vertical blinds - prices from £1.85

A subtle shantung style weave which emulates the soft touch texture of home interior furnishings. Available in 12 colours, Bexley offers a palette of gentle neutrals, dusky feminine tones and vivid brights.

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  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Bexley Heath
    Bexley Heath
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Bexley Peony
    Bexley Peony
  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Bexley Sorbet
    Bexley Sorbet

Calla Replacement Vertical Blinds - prices from £1.85

Soft flowing waves subtly bring Calla to life, a luxurious jacquard weave emulates sophistication in a muted hue of dusky tones.

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  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Calla Rose
    Calla Rose

Estella Replacement Vertical Blinds(blackout) - prices from £1.85

High quality blackout vertical blind with a beautiful tight lined finish running across the fabric producing a stunning rich finish. The fabric is plain flat finish on the reverse and in the same colour.

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  • Replacement Vertical Blind Slats Estella Sorbet
    Estella Sorbet

Replacement vertical blind slats have always been the cheapest and easiest and way to repair or update your blinds. Our replacement vertical blind slats are available in a huge range of fabrics for both 89mm(3 1/2 inch) and 127mm(5 inch) slat widths. The replacement vertical slats all come complete with sewn tops and bottoms, now with a choice of white, cream and black weights and chains to compliment your interior.

It is simple to replace your existing vertical blind slats; simply take a slat off the blind and measure from one end of the fabric to the other. Count the number of blind slats required and that’s it, simple. Our collection of vertical replacement blinds include blackout, dim out, sheer, waterproof PVC and many more, we even have a range of fire retardant fabrics to replace office and school vertical blind slats. With a huge choice of colours including black, red, white, blue, pink and many others the choices are endless for replacing your vertical window blind slats.