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Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Splash Roller Blinds - prices from £9.00

A collection of beautiful plain roller fabrics at stunning prices. Make a bold statement or create an effortless cool effect with the colours collection. Popular coloured plain rollers include pink, black, white and blue as well as many other colours. Available with a range of scallops and finishes.

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  • Roller Blinds Splash Noir
    Next day delivery available Splash Noir

Vitra Roller Blinds(blackout) - prices from £12.50

Blackout roller blinds available in 8 colours, with a self coloured backing providing 100% Uv protection, darkens room on those bright summer mornings. Our entry level made to measure blackout roller blind.


  • Roller Blinds Vitra Licorice
    Vitra Licorice

Colourtex Roller Blinds - prices from £18.25

A plain roller blind available in 9 colours, this flame retardent dim out fabric is one of our most popular fabrics. A tightly stitched weave gives 100% Uv protection, an ideal conservatory blind that comes with matching vertical material.

  • Roller Blinds Colourtex Granite
    Colourtex Granite

Unilux Roller(blackout) - prices from £18.25

This blackout wipeable material is great for childrens bedroooms, its blackout and easily cleaned, simply take a damp cloth and wipe down. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms were there is a biuld up of moisture or grease. Unilux is hard wearing and will look new for years to come.

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  • Roller Blinds Unilux Black
    Unilux Black

Lola Stripe Roller Blinds - prices from £19.64

Striped roller blinds for the UK market, introduce a new colour to your existing decor or why not compliment your existing interior. A pallet of colours to suit all tastes from warm beige to sky blues or be a bit more adventurous with a striking red.

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  • Roller Blinds Lola Passo
    Lola Passo

Mezza Roller Blinds - prices from £19.64

Make a real statement in your home with these ultra modern chevron stripes. Available in red or black for a bold statement or in grey for a more subtle look.

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  • Roller Blinds Mezza Noir
    Mezza Noir

Napa Roller Blinds(blackout) - prices from £19.64

An oppulent striped roller blind, very popular and with the added benefit of being blackout.

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  • Roller Blinds Napa Vasa
    Napa Vasa

Avoca Roller Blinds - prices from £20.25

Bring a touch of nature inside with this striking metallic berry print. The delicate glistening berries reflect the light beautifully and add a touch of sparkle. Avoca’s colour palette incorporates pastel tones with glimmering shades of gold, rose gold and silver.

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  • Roller Blinds Avoca Vega
    Avoca Vega

Bali Stripe Roller Blinds - prices from £20.25

A semi transparent striped roller blind with thick solid lines of fabric accompanied with smaller narrower lines of see through material, letting ample extra light in but still retaining a certain amount of privacy. Normally comes with a vertical stripe but can also come with a horizontal stripe.


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  • Roller Blinds Bali Black
    Bali Black

Bella Roller Blinds(blackout) - prices from £20.25

Bella Roller blackout blinds provide a fantastic solution for windows that require the light to be blocked turning day into night. Available in a range of nuetral colours and now in strong pastels, this broad selection of blackout materials encompasses all tastes. With a fabric front and Pvc backout giving a warm non pvc feel to the material. Now also available in vertical and skylight blind

  • Roller Blinds Bella Noir
    Bella Noir

Chatsworth Roller Blinds - prices from £20.25

Beautiful flower pattern roller blind, brighten up your room with this sheer type material, available in three colours, white, black and cream. Compliments kitchens and bathroom decor.

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  • Roller Blinds Chatsworth Black
    Chatsworth Black

Estella Roller Blinds(blackout) - prices from £20.25

A blackout roller blind with a small stroke line pattern dispersed throughout the fabric. The material has a self coloured backing, which is similar to th efront of the fabric, available in matching vertical blinds.

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  • Roller Blinds Estella Basque
    Estella Basque

Metz Roller Range - prices from £20.25

An understated textured two tone metallic print. This stunning design glistens in all its metallic glory. This shimmering design captures the light and adds a focal point to any room.

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  • Roller Blinds Metz Black
    Metz Black

Nina Roller Blinds - prices from £20.25

Stricking bright metallic berry print roller blind.

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  • Roller Blinds Nina Shadow
    Nina Shadow
  • Roller Blinds Nina Whisp
    Nina Whisp

Plaintex(blackout) Roller Blinds - prices from £20.25

A range of blackout roller blind slats available in 12 colours. Material has a coloured finish facing into room and a plain white backing facing outwards. Provides great light control in a fabulous pallete of colours.

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  • Roller Blinds Plaintex Black
    Plaintex Black

Mood Roller Range - prices from £21.82

High quality range of printed roller fabrics, available upto 2200mm wide, includes animal prints, floral and leaf designs.

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  • Roller Blinds Damask Charcoal
    Damask Charcoal
  • Roller Blinds Palm Coffee
    Palm Coffee
  • Roller Blinds Palm Cool Grey
    Palm Cool Grey

Hepburn Range - prices from £21.83

Striped roller blinds in five new colours, high quality detailed fabric.

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  • Roller Blinds Hepburn Cranberry
    Hepburn Cranberry
  • Roller Blinds Hepburn Honey
    Hepburn Honey
  • Roller Blinds Hepburn Slate
    Hepburn Slate

Renoir Roller Blinds - prices from £21.83

A flower patterned roller fabric almost like luxury wallpaper, available in four strong colours. The fabric is plain on the back.

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  • Roller Blinds Renoir Charcoal
    Renoir Charcoal

Calista Roller Blinds - prices from £22.18

With a choice of multiple tones the calista roller blind pattern inspires the confidence to add a touch of colour to any decor. A contemporary roller blind pattern.

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  • Roller Blinds Calista Ash
    Calista Ash

Elegance Roller Blinds - prices from £22.18

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  • Roller Blinds Elegance Black
    Elegance Black

Elise Roller Blinds - prices from £22.18

The Elise Collection of roller blindsoffers an exhilerating design led collection to make a bold interior statement. This collection is sure to capture the imagination.

  • Roller Blinds Elise Peony
    Elise Peony
  • Roller Blinds Elise Shadow
    Elise Shadow

Kobe Roller Blinds(blackout) - prices from £22.18

Luxury blackout roller blinds available in three nuetral tones. Finished with a subtly raised line this material has a beautiful finish. An oppulent choice for the most discerning client.

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  • Roller Blinds Kobe Vamp
    Kobe Vamp

Reflection Roller Blinds - prices from £22.18

Simplistic design, with a modern twist of colour and metallics, bringing this fabric alive.

  • Roller Blinds Reflection Graphite
    Reflection Graphite

Digital Print Rollers - prices from £24.25

Stunning floral roller blinds, digitally printed to produce high quality detailed prints. Also includes a selection of other unique designs and patterns.

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  • Roller Blinds Beatrice Charcoal
    Next day delivery available Beatrice Charcoal
  • Roller Blinds Honeysuckle Cream
    Honeysuckle Cream
  • Roller Blinds Scroll Black on Beige
    Next day delivery available Scroll Black on Beige
  • Roller Blinds Scroll Black\White
    Scroll Black\White

Havana Stripe Roller(blackout) - prices from £24.25

A horinzontal stripe roller fabric available in four alternating colours. The stripes come in different widths to create a unique window covering, comes with the added bonus of being blackout and is treated with an anti-fungal coating preventing mold and mildew.

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  • Roller Blinds Havana Cadillac
    Havana Cadillac

Monterey Roller Blinds - prices from £24.25

Classique Sheer material with horinzontal coloured lines

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  • Roller Blinds Monterey Marble
    Monterey Marble

Taffeta Roller Blinds(blackout) - prices from £26.31

Floral patterned blackout roller blind with a raised finish. Stunning quality.

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  • Roller Blinds Taffeta Chocolate
    Taffeta Chocolate

Uniview Roller Blinds - prices from £26.31

  • Roller Blinds Uniview Black Brown
    Uniview Black Brown
  • Roller Blinds Uniview Jet
    Uniview Jet
  • Roller Blinds Uniview Stellar
    Uniview Stellar

Capri Vision - prices from £48.12

The contemporary bold horizontal stripes effortlessly move from transparency to dim out. Vision blinds can be adjusted sensitively to provide immediate privacy or transparency; or they can be fully retracted to prvide a clear view to the outside.

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  • Roller Blinds Capri Black
    Capri Black
  • Roller Blinds Capri Grey
    Capri Grey

Made to measure roller blinds provide an excellent option for window coverings. Operated using optional chain driven mechanism or spring loaded controls using only the best quality aluminium tubing. Our range of roller blinds is made in the UK using Louvolites range of quality components.

We have a huge range of quality patterned roller blinds designed to transform your window, from traditional to contemporary we have a blind to dress your window.

Complimenting our roller blinds is a choice of scalloped edges with optional café rod finishes, decorative braids, pulls and eyelets.