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Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Avoca Roller Blinds - prices from £20.25

Bring a touch of nature inside with this striking metallic berry print. The delicate glistening berries reflect the light beautifully and add a touch of sparkle. Avoca’s colour palette incorporates pastel tones with glimmering shades of gold, rose gold and silver.

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  • Roller Blinds Avoca Alya
    Avoca Alya
  • Roller Blinds Avoca Atria
    Avoca Atria
  • Roller Blinds Avoca Capella
    Avoca Capella
  • Roller Blinds Avoca Polaris
    Avoca Polaris
  • Roller Blinds Avoca Vega
    Avoca Vega

Nina Roller Blinds - prices from £20.25

Stricking bright metallic berry print roller blind.

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  • Roller Blinds Nina Duck Egg
    Nina Duck Egg
  • Roller Blinds Nina Mulberry
    Nina Mulberry
  • Roller Blinds Nina Shadow
    Nina Shadow
  • Roller Blinds Nina Whisp
    Nina Whisp
  • Roller Blinds Nina Yasmin
    Nina Yasmin

Midas Roller Range - prices from £24.25

Warmth and elegance are created with this contemporary horizontal stripe design. Tastefully incorporating luxurious metallic tones, this confident stripe creates a sumptuous addition to any interior.

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  • Roller Blinds Midas Crystal
    Midas Crystal
  • Roller Blinds Midas Jade
    Midas Jade
  • Roller Blinds Midas Moonstone
    Midas Moonstone
  • Roller Blinds Midas Opal
    Midas Opal
  • Roller Blinds Midas Ruby
    Midas Ruby
  • Roller Blinds Midas Shadow
    Midas Shadow
  • Roller Blinds Midas Vibe
    Midas Vibe

Made to measure roller blinds provide an excellent option for window coverings. Operated using optional chain driven mechanism or spring loaded controls using only the best quality aluminium tubing. Our range of roller blinds is made in the UK using Louvolites range of quality components.

We have a huge range of quality patterned roller blinds designed to transform your window, from traditional to contemporary we have a blind to dress your window.

Complimenting our roller blinds is a choice of scalloped edges with optional café rod finishes, decorative braids, pulls and eyelets.