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Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Bali Stripe Roller Blinds - prices from £20.25

A semi transparent striped roller blind with thick solid lines of fabric accompanied with smaller narrower lines of see through material, letting ample extra light in but still retaining a certain amount of privacy. Normally comes with a vertical stripe but can also come with a horizontal stripe.


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  • Roller Blinds Bali Black
    Bali Black
  • Roller Blinds Bali Linen
    Bali Linen

Kendo Roller Blinds - prices from £22.18

  • Roller Blinds Kendo Jasmine
    Kendo Jasmine
  • Roller Blinds Kendo Tortoiseshell
    Kendo Tortoiseshell
  • Roller Blinds Kendo Walnut
    Kendo Walnut

Monterey Roller Blinds - prices from £24.25

Classique Sheer material with horinzontal coloured lines

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  • Roller Blinds Monterey Marble
    Monterey Marble
  • Roller Blinds Monterey Sand
    Monterey Sand
  • Roller Blinds Monterey Shale
    Monterey Shale

Uniview Roller Blinds - prices from £26.31

  • Roller Blinds Uniview Beige
    Uniview Beige
  • Roller Blinds Uniview Black Brown
    Uniview Black Brown
  • Roller Blinds Uniview Crystal
    Uniview Crystal
  • Roller Blinds Uniview Jet
    Uniview Jet
  • Roller Blinds Uniview Soft Steel
    Uniview Soft Steel
  • Roller Blinds Uniview Stellar
    Uniview Stellar

Made to measure roller blinds provide an excellent option for window coverings. Operated using optional chain driven mechanism or spring loaded controls using only the best quality aluminium tubing. Our range of roller blinds is made in the UK using Louvolites range of quality components.

We have a huge range of quality patterned roller blinds designed to transform your window, from traditional to contemporary we have a blind to dress your window.

Complimenting our roller blinds is a choice of scalloped edges with optional café rod finishes, decorative braids, pulls and eyelets.