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Tudor Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Splash Vertical Blinds - prices from £13.50

Great range of plain vertical blinds that will work in any window, massive choice of stunning colours.

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  • Vertical Blinds Splash Admiral
    Next day delivery available Splash Admiral
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Aspen
    Splash Aspen
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Atlantic
    Splash Atlantic
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Azure
    Splash Azure
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Beige
    Next day delivery available Splash Beige
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Berry
    Next day delivery available Splash Berry
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Butter
    Splash Butter
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Candy
    Next day delivery available Splash Candy
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Canvas
    Splash Canvas
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Chocolate
    Splash Chocolate
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Cinnabar
    Splash Cinnabar
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Cult
    Splash Cult
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Cyber
    Splash Cyber
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Dawn
    Splash Dawn
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Devine
    Splash Devine
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Dove
    Next day delivery available Splash Dove
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Duck Egg
    Splash Duck Egg
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Eton
    Splash Eton
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Fever
    Splash Fever
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Flint
    Splash Flint
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Fondant
    Splash Fondant
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Frost
    Splash Frost
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Grama
    Next day delivery available Splash Grama
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Havana
    Next day delivery available Splash Havana
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Hawaii
    Splash Hawaii
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Hessian
    Splash Hessian
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Indigo
    Splash Indigo
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Kiss
    Splash Kiss
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Kiwi
    Next day delivery available Splash Kiwi
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Maylar
    Splash Maylar
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Mellow
    Splash Mellow
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Mineral
    Splash Mineral
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Modesty
    Splash Modesty
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Noir
    Next day delivery available Splash Noir
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Oyster
    Next day delivery available Splash Oyster
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Paper
    Splash Paper
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Pebble
    Splash Pebble
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Poppy
    Splash Poppy
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Port
    Splash Port
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Powder
    Splash Powder
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Putty
    Splash Putty
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Regatta
    Splash Regatta
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Reign
    Splash Reign
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Rock
    Next day delivery available Splash Rock
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Ruby
    Splash Ruby
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Sand
    Splash Sand
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Scarlett
    Splash Scarlett
  • Vertical Blinds Splash SLoe
    Next day delivery available Splash SLoe
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Snow
    Splash Snow
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Sorbet
    Splash Sorbet
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Summer
    Splash Summer
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Tango
    Splash Tango
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Taupe
    Splash Taupe
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Tiffany
    Splash Tiffany
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Tropez
    Splash Tropez
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Twist
    Splash Twist
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Velvet
    Splash Velvet
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Venus
    Splash Venus
  • Vertical Blinds Splash Vine
    Splash Vine

Colourtex Vertical Blinds - prices from £15.35

A plain vertical blind available in 9 colours, this flame retardent dim out fabric is one of our most popular fabrics. A tightly stitched weave gives 100% Uv protection, an ideal conservatory blind that comes with matching roller material. Available in 89mm\127mm slot sizes.


  • Vertical Blinds Colourtex Almond
    Colourtex Almond
  • Vertical Blinds Colourtex Ash
    Colourtex Ash
  • Vertical Blinds Colourtex Azure
    Colourtex Azure
  • Vertical Blinds Colourtex Berry
    Colourtex Berry
  • Vertical Blinds Colourtex Biscuit
    Colourtex Biscuit
  • Vertical Blinds Colourtex Brownie
    Colourtex Brownie
  • Vertical Blinds Colourtex Chocolate
    Colourtex Chocolate
  • Vertical Blinds Colourtex Cornflower
    Colourtex Cornflower
  • Vertical Blinds Colourtex Forest
    Colourtex Forest
  • Vertical Blinds Colourtex Granite
    Colourtex Granite
  • Vertical Blinds Colourtex Toffee
    Colourtex Toffee
  • Vertical Blinds Colourtex White
    Next day delivery available Colourtex White

Guardian Vertical Blinds - prices from £15.35

  • Vertical Blinds Guardian Beige
    Guardian Beige
  • Vertical Blinds Guardian Cream
    Guardian Cream
  • Vertical Blinds Guardian Grey
    Guardian Grey
  • Vertical Blinds Guardian Royal
    Guardian Royal
  • Vertical Blinds Guardian Sky
    Guardian Sky
  • Vertical Blinds Guardian White
    Guardian White

Unicolour Vertical Range - prices from £15.35

Plain coloured vertical blind fabric available in 89mm and 127mm colours, with dimout properties and with the added benefit of being fire retardent.

Click swatch to get price or order sample

  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour Ash
    Unicolour Ash
  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour Beige
    Unicolour Beige
  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour Black
    Unicolour Black
  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour Cadet
    Unicolour Cadet
  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour Charcoal
    Unicolour Charcoal
  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour Chocolate
    Unicolour Chocolate
  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour Cream
    Unicolour Cream
  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour Cyan
    Unicolour Cyan
  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour Dove
    Unicolour Dove
  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour Emerald
    Unicolour Emerald
  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour Navy
    Unicolour Navy
  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour Purple
    Unicolour Purple
  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour Red
    Unicolour Red
  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour Sienna
    Unicolour Sienna
  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour Taupe
    Unicolour Taupe
  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour White
    Unicolour White
  • Vertical Blinds Unicolour Yellow
    Unicolour Yellow

Unilux Vertical Blinds(blackout) - prices from £17.85

Our own range of waterproof vertical blinds, ideal for bathrooms and ensuites where there is a build up of steam and moisture. Also ideal for childrens bedrooms, blackout properties and simply wipe off any stains. A nice selection of colours to compliment any interior.

Click swatch to get price or order sample

  • Unilux Aster
  • Vertical Blinds Unilux Black
    Unilux Black
  • Vertical Blinds Unilux Butter
    Unilux Butter
  • Vertical Blinds Unilux Buttercup
    Unilux Buttercup
  • Vertical Blinds Unilux Cream
    Unilux Cream
  • Vertical Blinds Unilux Flamingo
    Unilux Flamingo
  • Vertical Blinds Unilux Granite
    Unilux Granite
  • Vertical Blinds Unilux Grey
    Next day delivery available Unilux Grey
  • Vertical Blinds Unilux Lilac
    Unilux Lilac
  • Vertical Blinds Unilux Linen
    Unilux Linen
  • Vertical Blinds Unilux Marine
    Unilux Marine
  • Unilux Powder Blue
  • Vertical Blinds Unilux Surf
    Unilux Surf
  • Vertical Blinds Unilux Topaz
    Unilux Topaz
  • Vertical Blinds Unilux White
    Unilux White

Vitra Vertical Blinds(blackout) - prices from £17.85

Blackout vertical blind with a self coloured backing, provides 100% Uv protection against strong sunlight. Offered at a seriously low price point.

Click sample to get price or order sample

  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Acid
    Vitra Acid
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Action
    Vitra Action
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Aqua
    Vitra Aqua
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Bambino
    Vitra Bambino
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Beige
    Next day delivery available Vitra Beige
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Biscotti
    Vitra Biscotti
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Cream
    Next day delivery available Vitra Cream
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Envy
    Vitra Envy
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Flame
    Vitra Flame
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Flint
    Vitra Flint
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Imperial
    Vitra Imperial
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Kink
    Vitra Kink
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Kitty
    Vitra Kitty
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Lagoon
    Vitra Lagoon
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Licorice
    Vitra Licorice
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Marina
    Vitra Marina
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Passion
    Vitra Passion
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Pixie
    Vitra Pixie
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Pout
    Vitra Pout
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Roast
    Vitra Roast
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Royale
    Vitra Royale
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Scorch
    Vitra Scorch
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Shock
    Vitra Shock
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Vapour
    Vitra Vapour
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Violet
    Vitra Violet
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra White
    Next day delivery available Vitra White
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Zest
    Vitra Zest
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Zinc
    Vitra Zinc
  • Vertical Blinds Vitra Zorro
    Vitra Zorro

Bella Vertical Blinds - prices from £19.21

Blackout vertical blind range with a huge selection of colours. Fabric front with pvc type backing. The back of the material is the same colour as the front. Only available in 89mm width.

Click swatch to get price or order sample

  • Vertical Blinds Bella Azure
    Bella Azure
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Beige
    Bella Beige
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Berry
    Bella Berry
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Butter
    Bella Butter
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Canvas
    Bella Canvas
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Capri
    Bella Capri
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Chocolate
    Bella Chocolate
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Clay
    Bella Clay
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Fawn
    Bella Fawn
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Frost
    Bella Frost
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Graphite
    Bella Graphite
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Grey Whisper
    Bella Grey Whisper
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Hessian
    Bella Hessian
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Indigo
    Bella Indigo
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Kiss
    Bella Kiss
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Kiwi
    Bella Kiwi
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Mocha
    Bella Mocha
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Noir
    Bella Noir
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Oyster
    Bella Oyster
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Paper
    Bella Paper
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Paradise
    Bella Paradise
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Putty
    Bella Putty
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Regatta
    Bella Regatta
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Rock
    Bella Rock
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Scarlett
    Bella Scarlett
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Slate
    Bella Slate
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Sloe
    Bella Sloe
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Sorbett
    Bella Sorbett
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Summer
    Bella Summer
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Tiffany
    Bella Tiffany
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Tropez
    Bella Tropez
  • Vertical Blinds Bella Vine
    Bella Vine

Paloma Suede Vertical(blackout) - prices from £22.03

Suede vertical blinds come in six stunning colours, from vibrant reds to rich seductive creams and beiges. Suede blinds provide a sophisticated modern look, providing an oasis of calm. Suitable for large and small windows, creating a touch of warmth to any living area. Indulge yourself with this beautiful range.

For Pricing or to order samples, click on the swatch below

  • Vertical Blinds Paloma Almond
    Paloma Almond
  • Vertical Blinds Paloma Coffee
    Paloma Coffee
  • Vertical Blinds Paloma Praline
    Paloma Praline
  • Vertical Blinds Paloma Seduction
    Paloma Seduction

Made to measure vertical blinds offer a perfect solution for any type of window. Now operated with an optional wand control to enhance child safety and introducing the new vogue black headrail. Our online range of fabric include blackout, transparent, fire retardant and waterproof all available online in 89mm and 127mm widths. Our online range of colours includes White, Cream, Beige, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and Black. We use Louvolites Vogue Headrail system, ensuring smooth operation and long life.

Our custom made vertical blinds can be split or bunched giving maximum versatility. We can make curve tracks for bow windows and bay windows, sloping s(offline) and replacement vertical s cheaper than anyone else. We have hundreds of vertical patterned blind fabrics in stock ready to dispatch on next day delivery if required. We fully support child safety and accident prevention and would strongly recommend using the wand control option available.