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Wooden Blinds

Starwood Tapes Venetian Blinds - prices from £24.05

Starwood is a range of high quality made-to-measure Wooden venetian blinds with luxurious tapes. There are 10 wood shades and painted finishes all with kiln dried Basswood Slats in 35mm or 50mm size. Available upto 2400mm wide.

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  • Wooden Blinds Bali with Tapes
    Bali with Tapes
  • Wooden Blinds Divine With Tapes
    Divine With Tapes
  • Wooden Blinds Empire With tapes
    Empire With tapes
  • Wooden Blinds Glacier With Tapes
    Glacier With Tapes
  • Wooden Blinds Mallow With Tapes
    Mallow With Tapes
  • Wooden Blinds Marlin With Tapes
    Marlin With Tapes
  • Wooden Blinds Pavilion With Tapes
    Pavilion With Tapes
  • Wooden Blinds Soho With Tapes
    Soho With Tapes
  • Wooden Blinds Vintage With Tapes
    Vintage With Tapes
  • Wooden Blinds Volt With Tapes
    Volt With Tapes

Wooden Venetian Blinds are functional as well as decorative; providing protection, light control and insulation.

Wooden blinds come in 25mm (1 inch), 35mm (1.5 inch), 50mm (2 inch), and 65mm slat widths. Available with decorative ladder tapes in a variety of colours. Available in colours such as black, white, and oak, walnut, ivory and with the new gloss finishes adding a distinctive touch, we have a custom made wooden blind for the most discerning clients.

Our collection of custom made wooden blinds includes grain finishes and a new range of coloured wooden blinds from the timberlux range. Wooden Blinds for bay windows can be bought direct from our factory.